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Back Pain Elimination Protocol eBook


“Stop believing there is nothing more you can do to get rid of your back or neck pain.
Say yes to getting serious about finding real solutions to ending the pain. Get back to living the life you deserve and desire to live!
If you are in daily pain and you feel like you have tried everything out there, this book is for you.
We have found the missing ingredients and the “8 minute miracle” that others are not talking about or teaching.”
JoAnn Barmettler and Pearl Studer, met as colleagues while managing senior living communities over 20 years ago. Both have extensive business and marketing experience, but their real passion is to help people establish health and live the lifestyle they were designed to live. They both had suffered from health challenges and knew there was a better way outside of drugs and surgery, which are standard solutions.
With their combined knowledge in wellness and business; JoAnn as a Registered Nurse and Pearl as a Certified Life Coach, their mission is to help others with not only their health and wellness, but also on making positive lifestyle changes that will lead to lifelong wellness. The goal is to lead a vigorous, flourishing lifestyle, free from pain and disease.

Together they have found natural and holistic solutions along with innovative technologies, to obtain amazing results to improve health, and get rid of back and neck pain.



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