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Meet Pearl

I am here to tell you about all these things and how they can enhance, even drastically change your life and your health. This can happen in a matter of days, weeks or months…but it can and does happen. Come on this journey with me and I will share all that I have learned and what I know works (based on science not hype) and what doesn’t work.


I started my career as a social worker, mental health therapist and addictions counselor. Working with youth and young adults in various settings. In the 90’s I went back to school for a Masters in Health Care Management. That is when I first learned about all of the alternative therapies and practitioners and how over the years these practitioners (largely Osteopathic Physicians or DO’s and Chiropractors) had been largely discredited (late 1800’s-early 1900’s) in favor of the modern Medical Doctor MD. I also discovered how much the pharmaceutical companies were making and how they were incentivizing doctors to prescribe their medications. This was really when I first became really passionate about finding alternatives to drugs and surgery.
In my late 40’s, just as my two daughters were becoming active teenagers, I started having debilitating back pain. This was also when I was traveling a lot and managing senior housing communities. It was really scary and I could barely get out of bed some mornings.
I was scheduled TWICE for disc replacement surgery. The surgery was very invasive, going in through my stomach, removing internal organs and then replacing the discs. I was terrified of this and kept thinking “what if something goes wrong and I end up in worse shape?” I ended up saying “I’m sorry I just can’t do this.” Best decision ever!
I ended up finding a chiropractor who offered spinal decompression for degenerated discs like mine. It took several months of visits, but finally relief! Since then, I have had occasional adjustments but no real back pain. However, the same problem developed in my neck and this time the treatment didn’t work as well. So, I started on my journey again, looking for additional therapies. I finally found something that eliminated all the pain in my neck and now I want to share that therapy with others. It has been a truly amazing journey and I have had other unexpected benefits from the therapy as well.

I also owned and operated a senior relocation and downsizing business. Lifting boxes, reorganizing furniture and carrying just about everything imaginable. In early 2020 I sold my business and now my focus is on helping other people conquer their back and neck pain. I believe there are so many people looking for help. We have discovered the ‘trifecta for health’ and we want to share it with you!

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