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Bemer News for May 2023

BEMER is embarking on a tour, and we invite you to join us at the PPA events across the United States. Our collaboration with the ...
Barrel Racing Cowgirl
PEMF Technology

Revolutionizing Equine Health: How A PEMF Device is Changing the Game

As horse owners, we all want our equine partners to be in the best possible health. We spend countless hours caring for them, ensuring they ...
PEMF Technology

How is NASA Using PEMF Technology?

NASA has been researching and developing various technologies to support human space exploration for many years, and PEMF technology is one of them. PEMF technology ...
Tony Robbins - 140tc
PEMF Technology

Why is Tony Robbins Talking about PEMF Therapy?

Tony Robbins is a world-renowned motivational speaker, life coach, and self-help author. Over the years, he has used a variety of technologies and techniques to ...

Weight Management and Back Pain

Patients who are overweight or obese and suffer from back pain may not be aware that their excess weight contributes to their back pain. It ...
Gathering of Best Friends

Living to the Fullest

If I am going to live longer because of modern medicine, I want to feel great and enjoy my life to the fullest, however long! ...
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