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BEMER is embarking on a tour, and we invite you to join us at the PPA events across the United States. Our collaboration with the Professional Pickleball Association (PPA) will bring the life-changing benefits of BEMER to your community. Pickleball, a low-impact sport often compared to tennis, has gained immense popularity in recent years. The Sport and Fitness Industry Association reports that Pickleball has been the fastest-growing sport in the nation for three consecutive years, with a 158.6% increase in players since 2019. With a player base of 8.9 million people, Pickleball has become a casual sport for all age groups.

Our goal at BEMER is to provide better health, recovery, and performance to everyone. With just two eight-minute sessions per day, BEMER therapy can stimulate your muscles, improve local blood flow, and enhance oxygen delivery while reducing carbon dioxide levels. Additionally, it can boost physical fitness, performance, and recovery, strengthen endurance, increase energy and vitality, and promote well-being, resiliency, stress reduction, rest, and relaxation.

Throughout 2023, BEMER will be appearing at the top ten PPA Tour events across the country. We will educate attendees about the health and performance-boosting products we offer, provide live demonstrations, and show support for our ambassadors competing on the court. The PPA Tour events feature tournaments for players of all skill levels, including professional singles and doubles tournaments with top competitors battling it out. Whether you are a Pickleball pro or just starting out, attending a PPA Tour event is the perfect way to witness the sport’s heated competition and get involved in your new favorite sport.


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