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5 Reason’s Why I Choose Yoga


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I have struggled for years trying to relieve my back pain. I took pain medicines on and off, but could never find the right remedy. I was looking for a way to improve my health and decided to try yoga. I was hooked. Surprisingly, not only did I receive great health benefits, but also my back pain was dissipating. Now the only time my neck and back pain starts to bother me is when I haven’t been consistent with my yoga. I encourage others to try out yoga for the following reasons: 

5. Yoga can be done in OR outside the home


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Yoga can be done at a studio, through an instructional video at home, in a peaceful, grassy area at the park, or anywhere else that you feel confident strutting your poses. I recommend starting at a studio. It will guide you through the basics and will allow an instructor to adjust your poses if need be. After getting the flow of yoga, there are many videos available online that will provide all different types of yoga exercises.

4. There are different types of yoga depending on your needs


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Yoga is for everyone! There are all different types of yoga you can participate in. It ranges anywhere from prenatal yoga to Zen yoga. My personal favorite is hot yoga. I feel that my thoughts, worries, and stress just drip away in sweat. Try all the different ones out and see what works for you!

3. Your muscles will thank you


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Yoga results in strength, flexibility, and lengthens your muscles. For me, it has helped with lower back pain. Healing occurs because the lengthening of the muscles allows oxygen to flow to the muscles.

2. Yoga creates balance


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Yoga can significantly help your balance and posture. The difficult poses acquire a good deal of concentration for balance. Each pose requires a straight spin with the shoulders back. Doing yoga everyday will remind you to continue this great posture throughout your day.

1. Yoga helps ease the mind


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Yoga can improve your focus and reduce your stress. Yoga focuses on body movement and breath. In order to move the body with the breath it takes concentration and puts the mind to rest. Deep breaths allow more oxygen to the brain and are a good reminder that there is no need to worry.


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